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Who doesn’t want perfectly toned abs, right? Admiration for abs is not related to one gender. Women vouch for abs as much as men do. But no matter appreciation, one is not ready to go through the process of killing yourself in the gym. At least I was not! So, I started to read about Amazing Abs Solution.

Being a medical student and working a part-time job, I did not find sufficient time to go to the gym. So I started searching for workouts that were possible at home and also that would give me the perfect abs I had always dreamed of.

It wasn’t long when I was introduced to the Amazing Abs Solution by Yuri Elkaim. This program was the exact solution to my problem. It provided me with these solutions for my questions:

  • It didn’t require me to go to the gym.
  • Consumed less time
  • Gave results in short duration


I got perfect Abs.

And before going into the detailed review of this program, let’s learn something about the creator of ‘the Amazing Abs solution.’

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Who is Yuri Elkaim, and why should you trust him?

Yuri Elkaim is the Newyork Times bestselling author in the category of Ab workouts and conditioning training. He’s also a globally recognized fat loss expert, former soccer player, and conditioning fitness coach at the University of Toronto.

He accidentally discovered the rarely-used belly fat shredding formula. He first implemented his technique on himself, and after getting successful results, he went on to help others and so far has helped many men and women get into shape. He’s a personal trainer by profession and dedicated his life to solving the issue of belly fat and Acquiring Toned Abs.

Get perfect Abs without a single sit-up!

Trust me on this; I did not have to do a single sit-up to get the body that I have today. While training, I also came to know that sit-ups impose stress on hip muscles, which further weakens the Core. New researches have proved that using conventional muscles to strengthen your ab muscles doesn’t have a significant impact on your abdomen and can sometimes even worsen your posture and back pain.

Relying on those old school ways, which include sit-ups and crunches, to get toned abs, is just a waste of energy. You could get it with five times less hard work.

Reactivate your core muscles

When a muscle is underused, it starts losing its abilities. Better put- it gets wasted. The same is the case with your abdominal muscles. When we spend most of the day sitting or are doing the wrong kind of exercises, we are not bringing our ab muscles into much use. It’s useless to follow the ab workout of a celebrity or a fitness magazine to get the steel abs they have pictured. Those kinds of workouts don’t tell how to activate the core muscles and adequately do each exercise accurately.

Reduce belly fat with the Amazing Abs Solution program

Enough of damage done by conventional Ab exercises, they are doing nothing to burn the belly fat.

Amazing abs solution instructs to reactivate those muscles in your abdomen that help to consume and burn body fat. With Amazing Abs solution, shed it off and rock it off.

Trigger the metabolic compounding effect!

Triggering the targeted muscle to not only activate it but tone it is basically what metabolic compounding effect is all about. This program includes specific exercises to be performed the right way. These exercises target the rarely used muscles, which are so crucial for reducing calories and increasing movement.

It is vital to shedding off fat because the more muscles activated, the more calories are burned.

Work smart with the Amazing Abs Solution workouts

This program focuses on smart work rather than hard work. It is a follow-along abdominal training program that strengthens the Core and is suitable for both beginners and fit individuals. People don’t believe me when I say I got toned abs with just three quick workouts per week. But it’s true!

These workouts sculpt the abs and burn belly fat.

This program starts with basic exercises and becomes challenging with each passing phase. Therefore Amazing Abs Solution is suitable for all gender, ages, and fitness levels, as long as someone is willing to put effort.

The three phases of build, sculpt, and burn!

The Amazing Abs Solution includes 12 weeks of core workouts structured in three phases. These stages are designed to speed the results and prevent plateaus. Following is the layout of these phases and what they focus on:

Phase 1: BUILD

A four-week period that activates the deep core muscles is much neglected. Use of ‘foundational fixer’ core exercises and getting the most out of this training to build muscles enough for the rest of the program. This fastens metabolism and helps one burn more fat. I felt my abs tighten and firm up after just the first few workouts.


Phase 2: SCULPT

in these four weeks, I started to see my abs. My core strength could be felt by touch, and to me, it felt firm. The training in this phase gets more intense, and the abs begin to burn. Advanced abdominal exercises are introduced to target the middle section, burning remaining fat around the stomach and getting the abs to reveal themselves.


Phase 3: BURN

The final four weeks offer more full-body exercises of higher intensity to burn away the stubborn fat of the lower belly. This training tightens the abs further. By this point, the body is capable of bearing intense training.



After the completion of these three phases of training, I felt like a new person shaping out of me. I was surprised by the results. It was not just my body; my confidence had shoot too. The way people looked at me had changed. The way I looked at myself changed too. Also, I could take off my shirt at any time without being embarrassed. I can’t thank the Amazing Abs solution enough. I highly recommend it to anyone, be it a guy or a girl, to opt for this program if they want toned abs.

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