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I’ll like to take this to not only share my reviews about this customized ‘weight loss program’ for men, but I would also like to share my weight loss journey. And honestly, without any sugar-coating, I will keep my analysis only based on logic and what I have experienced. So before getting into the details of the product, let me tell you how I got introduced to this program.

My colleague John was always after me to lose belly fat. He was still really concerned, and it wasn’t like I didn’t listen. I tried almost everything to lose it. I killed himself in the gym, and there was no diet from any fitness magazine that I hadn’t tried. But my efforts failed. John was observing all this, and then one day, he introduced me to this program. At first, I was hesitant to invest in such a plan, but after reading hundreds of ‘customized fat loss’ reviews, I decided to go for it. To my surprise, it was the best investment of my life.

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Customized Fat Loss for Men by Kyle Leon

Kyle Leon is a fitness coach and an expert on ‘fat loss’ training in men. He has helped hundreds and thousands of men across the world to lose belly fat and get a fit body. Although his training fee per hour is not affordable for every person, he has made sure to make this program accessible for every man. He has recorded his years of experience and research in this fat loss program.

Why conventional fat loss methods have failed

It is crucial for us to realize that traditional methods are not helping to get rid of belly fat. Generic diets are mostly designed for women, and they do not work according to men’s physiology. We need foods that will accelerate our ‘master male hormone Testosterone.’ This hormone is responsible for shedding off stored belly fat and getting a lean body mass. Also, most diets we follow are followed by drawbacks like hunger attacks, rebound weight gain, and cheat meals. These disappointing drawbacks ultimately bring us to where we started.

But with ‘customized fat loss’ nutrition plans, you will experience the opposite of generic diets, like:

  • No food cravings
  • No fatigue
  • No frustrating plateaus
  • No rebound weight gains

The best part is, you get to enjoy loads of delicious foods.


What is customized fat loss about?

Just like any celebrity has their customized nutrition plan, this program, too, applies the same concept of individualized diet plan according to your true body type. The course doesn’t even focus on general body types but your true body type to suggest you ways to increase testosterone level in your body. At the same time, it discourages the use of foods that will decrease testosterone and insulin level in your body. Without an expert, it is tough to understand the metabolism of your body. Yet more complicated is to keep the right balance between the food you eat and the food you store. Customized fat loss tell you:

  • What to eat
  • In what amount
  • And when

Turn on the Fat burning metabolism!

The foods included in the diet plan turn on the fat-burning metabolism and switches off fat-storing metabolism. This phenomenon is possible due to the increase of testosterone in the body.

What is included in the customized fat loss program?

This program includes tips and tricks that turn on your fat-burning process. It tells you about low carb diets that will not make you store less fat, and to make sure that your body’s energy requirements are being fulfilled, this program also tells you more about protein foods. But get this clear, this diet plan will vary from every person according to their body type. This factor makes ‘customize fat loss program for men’ so special. Also, with this program, you get to have access to:

  • Four tricks to never store carbs as fat
  • Two secret metabolism-boosting windows (best time of the day) and what you must eat during them.
  • Eleven foods men should never eat
  • A daily 30 seconds trick that is proven to boost your metabolism by up to 98%.
  • The exact amount of one vital nutrient that most of us mess up.
  • Your personalize transformation tracker tracks the body changes.

Customize a fat loss training program

The good news!

With a customized weight loss program of flavourful healthy eating, I was also provided with customized fat loss training program exclusively for men. This training course is a twelve-week exercise program that makes you lose fat even faster. This course is designed to complement the primary program of ‘customize fat loss’ and saves your time and energy in any other exercise that does not work. This exercise program not only tells you which exercise will accelerate the secretion of the male master hormone in your body, but it also tells you exercises that you should avoid for they diminish testosterone level and increase estrogen level.  Besides this, fifty-one premium video coaching lessons provide you with tutorials on how to perform these exercises and advance training.


The customized, step by step, flavourful nutrition plan designed for fat loss in men, has proved to be a fat loss tool for me. It has to lead me to a healthier lifestyle and bring me in my best body shape with increased lean muscle mass. I now walk more confidently in public. Although I have been obvious what this program is about, let me again warn you if you think it is a gimmick magic trick, another generic, powder, silly exercise gizmos, or any supplement that will make you lose weight. It is not! It is more scientific and logical. A program that makes you lose belly fat and belly fat is not only unattractive, but it also is extremely unhealthy. It is the cause of many problems like diabetes, depression, and heart problems. With customize fat loss programs, lose belly fat, and become healthier like me.

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