Discover Ways to Make the Most of a Sick Day

Being sick could be the most difficult and boring time as you might not feel active enough to perform any work or your daily routine jobs. But there are certain activities which you can do to make your sick period better. It is a great opportunity to relax your body and mind. You can focus on your health in a better way these days. Here are some activities that you can do to enjoy your days of illness. 

Talk with a friend or loved one -

  1. Talk with a friend or loved one: If you feel like doing nothing, you may call any of your close friends or a relative. That person should be the one you love chatting with. It has been proven that talking to the person you love increases the levels of oxytocin. Oxytocin helps with well being and healing. So it is a great idea to have a good conversation with your friend or a family member on your sick days. 

Laugh -

2. Laugh: Do you know that laughing could boost your immune system? Yes, it does. Even if you are not enjoying anything, you should try to make yourself happy and laugh to boost your immunity and to make you feel better. It is proven that laughing can increase the natural killer cells within your body to fight with invaded cells or species. It can also reduce your stress level. In sickness, it is difficult to enjoy and laugh but here are some activities that could make you laugh in sickness. 

  • You can watch any of your favourite comedy movies or a funny television show. 
  • You may listen to a comedy podcast. 
  • Reading a book or novel that makes you laugh is also a good idea. 

Do something you love -

3. Do something you love: When you are not feeling well, you should avoid all the work that causes exertion or makes you tired. Try to do some light activities that you enjoy the most. By doing such activities, you can drag your mind away from the feeling of sickness and can improve the mood. You may try the following activities to make your day enjoyable. 

  • Listen to your favourite songs or albums. 
  • Play video or board games.
  • Plan your vacation for the future. 
  • Do interesting arts and crafts work, if you love to be creative. 

Get in some light exercise -

4. Get in some light exercise: If it’s the winter season or if you live in a cold place, try to perform some light exercises to make your body warm. But you do not need to over perform any workout, as it could make you feel worse. Always listen to your body, if you are not feeling like continuing the exercise, stop it immediately. Although, some light exercises could make you feel better. 

  • Some of the symptoms like congestion can be alleviated by doing light exercises. 
  • Exercising is totally fine if you only have symptoms like sneezing, runny nose or congestion. 
  • Do not perform exercise if you are suffering from fever, cough or muscle aches. 
  • Stop the workout immediately if you start feeling worse by doing it. 

Meditate -

5. Meditate: It is proven clinically that you can reduce your stress level and anxiety just by doing meditation for a few minutes. It helps in improving your immune system and your overall health. Try to take a meditation session if you are feeling a little bit better and enjoy its benefits. Here are some easy ways given below to start your session of meditation. 

  • Maintain a proper sitting position, hold your body straight. 
  • Start taking deep breaths. Keep focusing on your breaths. If your mind loses its focus and starts wandering, try to return your focus towards your breathing. 
  • Try to examine your body and focus on your body parts and the way they feel while meditating. If any of your body parts or area causes discomfort, try to imagine it becoming better. 
  • Listen to a meaningful song or poem, or read an important passage. Try to find out the meanings that song or passage holds for you. 
  • Drag your mind away from all the negative thoughts related to your health or your life. 

Get some rest -

6. Get some rest: Your body gets tired easily when you are sick. You might feel sleepy or tired throughout the day because when you are not feeling well, your energy level drops automatically. Feeling sleepy is a natural immune response which means that your body is demanding a proper sleep to make your condition better. 

  • When you are sick, try to avoid staying up late. You must go to bed early for a good sleep. 
  • Short naps can also improve your condition and energy levels. Take a nap whenever you feel sleepy, you may take it even in day time.

Make sure to eat something -

7. Make sure to eat something: Sickness can reduce one’s appetite. So you might not feel good when eating a big meal. But you still need to eat in order to maintain your daily caloric intake. Eating in a proper manner will help you in improving your stress level and is important for recovery. You may take your favourite food or you can prepare a delicious meal for yourself. 

  • Carbohydrates comprise a major part of our daily diet. Intake of an adequate amount of carbohydrates is extremely important when you are sick. Your body requires 150 grams of carbs per sick day. 
  • You may add some fresh juices in your diet, as they are easy to digest and provide all good nutrients. Apple juice is a great option as it maintains your body’s iron level and provides you with 15 grams of carbs just by consuming half a cup of it. 
  • 30 grams of carbs can be taken by having a half cup of sorbet. 
  • Try to avoid three big meals on your sick days. Make an eating schedule of six small meals per day. 
  • Do not eat oily, heavy or spicy foods when you are sick. Food rich in fats and spices could cause nausea or vomiting. 

Stay hydrated -

8. Stay hydrated: Some symptoms such as diarrhea, frequent urination or vomiting can make your body dehydrated. Make sure to take plenty of fluids when you are sick to avoid dehydration. Try to drink enough water, you may take some electrolyte water for diarrhea. Avoid coffee or juices as they can worsen your diarrhea.

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