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Opinion Sharing:

We are always open for new opinions from our readers. We encourage people who are willing to share their opinion on certain health issues, cures or remedies. “Get Healthy Soon” in an open platform where is encouraged to share their thoughts and learn from what others have shared. The process of learning is a never ending process. Also when it comes to learning regarding your health, it becomes more important. There are a lot such basic remedies that if we practice them in our daily routine we can keep ourselves away from harmful diseases. Not everyone knows about such remedies or cures. This is the reason of our encouragement to people that they can use our platform to spread the good to the once you know and the once you haven’t ever met.

Marketing Purpose:

Besides opinion sharing there are a lot of such people who use other platform to market their products can services. “We welcome them too” you are all free to share your thoughts and opinions. But for those for marketing purpose there will be some guidelines that you mus follow. These are some easy and useful guidelines that you have to follow before submitting your content:


  • Your content must be of high quality, free from any grammatical errors.
  • You can submit pure marketing content.
  • Content must be related to “Health“.
  • Use at-least 2 images in your content.
  • Content should be of at-least “800 words“.
  • Content should be unique. Plagiarized content will be rejected.
  • No link will be allowed in the body content.
  • An “Author Bio” is a must.
  • You can place your link in the “Author Bio

These are some easy guidelines that you can follow if you are willing to submit a Guest Post on our site. You can email your articles at: [email protected]

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