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VFX body fat loss system’s subscription was gifted to me by my younger sister. At first, I thought her stupid enough to waste her money. The idea of a digital program to lose weight, when I had already tried every other method, was bizarre. But I had to try it! And here is my personal experience with VFX. The most honest of all Venus factor reviews you’ll find on the internet. 

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VFX Weight Loss:

I had stopped imagining that I could ever lose weight in this life. I even stopped believing in miracles because I had tried all the products and tricks that were labeled as magical and did not work for me. I had tested all the strict diets, best weight loss supplement for women, and painful workouts, but my body was resistant to any Fat change. I was hopeless before VFX came into my life. Honestly, VFX did not do any magic for me either, but it sure helped me. It changed my perspective of ‘fat loss’ and made me realize I was looking in all the wrong areas for solutions. Venus factor is not a restrictive fat diet nor a regular Fat burning capsule. It is a natural, 12-week, gradual plan aiming towards a long-term, sustainable weight loss.


Best Weight Loss Program for Women:

This perfect body plan is the ultimate solution for any woman. Be it someone who has hectic routines, slow fat metabolism, or merely bad genetics like me. VFX is a revolutionary program by John Barban, an expert in ‘female physiology and its link with their diet.’ This program is specially designed for women to help understand their body’s metabolism, hormones that encourage fat breakdown, and foods that will increase the body’s sensitivity to these hormones. VFX includes the best weight loss programs customized by you for your body according to your needs. The best part is this course doesn’t only incorporate vegetables that will help you increase fat metabolism but also exciting recipes where you can use these veggies.

VFX Diet:

John Barban has declared clear cut how a calorie gap is mandatory to lose weight. He’s also mentioned how his program is not for those who are looking for a fat burning supplement and wish to eat whatever they want. Nor is it a magic diet plan that makes you lose weight in a month. VFX is a 12-week, step by step program based on diets that work for women and easy workouts that complement these diets and give you that dream body you’ve been looking for. Inside VFX, you will also find some shocking foods that you should avoid because they slow down your fat metabolism. This program saves you from extensive reading and research. This job will be performed by VFX virtual nutritionist that tells you what to eat and what to avoid for the next 12 weeks. This layout helps you lose fat in your problem areas like stomach, thighs, and hips, which doubles the effect of every pound you melt. 

Food Lovers Fat Loss System:

Are you a food lover? And you don’t want to give up on your favorite meals and wine? But still, you want to get rid of the excess fat, making you unattractive? Then try VFX, and you won’t regret it. I love red wine personally, and VFX never asked me to give up on it. And here I am today after melting 35 pounds. Yes, it’s hard to believe unless you try this program yourself. Now you might be thinking how is it possible to lose weight without restricting diet. Well, John Barban explains that in his weight loss guide. VFX works to maintain your calorie gap (your expense of calories should be higher than your intake). It also promotes meals that would increase your body’s response to leptin. It customizes your meals, like a personal dietician would do, to optimize your fat metabolism.

Workout Videos:

With the VFX weight loss guide, you even get VFX workout videos. These are simple tips and tricks that complement your diet plans and enhance your metabolism to burn fat. Even if you miss one day of exercise, it’s alright. As long as your trajectory is rising, the bumps you take to get back on your way don’t matter. Before VFX, I had spent time doing rigorous cardio and achieved nothing. While with VFX videos, the workouts were easy and showed sustainable results. The sensible reason behind this; these videos are designed in collaboration with a coach proficient in the female body. I recommend choosing the package, including both the VFX weight loss guide and VFX workout videos. Like me, you will experience visible shape change in just two weeks.

Healthy Weight Loss:

While following strict diets and hardcore exercises before VFX, I saw minimum results, and they too were temporary. What I experienced was low energy, physical inability, and terrible ‘rebound weight gains’ when I slightly shifted from my diet. I gave up on the idea of losing weight because this was extremely unhealthy and depressing for me. VFX was a game-changer, and losing weight has never felt so happening before. It didn’t ask me to give up on foods I loved, didn’t make me do tough exercises, and didn’t let me go through hunger pains. My weight loss journey was not only successful, but it was healthy. It improved my relationships and my professional credibility.

VFX Community:

On my journey of weight loss with VFX, I found hundreds of women on the same path and even more who had already experienced this program. The success stories, women helping out each other, and John’s assistance created a community that inspired me to keep going. You can have this advantage by including ‘immersion’ in your VFX package.

Final verdict:

If you are a woman like me who has tried multiple unsuccessful ways to lose weight and you’re convinced that there are no magic tricks either, then VFX is for you. Play your last card, opt for VFX, and it will not disappoint you.

Women Fat Loss Program VFX Body Review

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