Massthetic Muscle Review

Before reviewing this Muscle building guide, I would like to share a story on how I got introduced to this program by Frank Rich. So basically, I was a fitness freak right from my teenage days, and lean muscular bodies had always fascinated me. I started working out with my Friend Sam (he was equally passionate like me). So Sam and I began together, we do the same exercises, following the same routine and endorsing the same diet and protein sources. But it occurs that after six months, Sam had built quite an inspiring physique while for me, I sure gained but only fat and a minimal amount of muscles. I started working twice as hard, but the results were not that charming as my hard work. What is the purpose of having to gain just a few pounds of muscles after working day and night for a whole year, and this made me realize that something was wrong?

Then I came across a video by Frank Rich where he introduced this program and explained why traditional ways of bodybuilding had caused more harm than benefits to men. It made perfect sense seeing my case. But there still was one confusion. What about Sam? It did benefit him, and he has the dream body he had always desired. Well, Frank even had the answer to that; he explained how everyone’s genetic makeup is different, and there are fortunate people to have acquired some excellent genes that cooperate with their hard work. And this is actually why his program sounded so different and positive to me. It teaches how to how to increase lean body massunderstanding your body psychologically and physiologically. Enough of talking, let’s get into the review.

Muscle Building Expert:

First of all, I want to assure you that this program is the first and only muscle-sculpting program that works in cycles and focuses on hypertrophy principles. And you should trust it because behind this revolutionary program is the certified trainer & bodybuilder Frank Rich. A big name in the industry and someone who has experimented with his principles. Not only on others but first on his own body and shared the results. This 12-week program work on the three I(s) principles. The first I: Intentional, which sets your goal for each day. The second I: Integrated, which applies training methodologies based on precision Hypertrophy principles and the 3rd I: Intense, which places you out of your comfort zone to maximize your output.

Muscle Growth and Fat Loss:

With the traditional techniques, I found it very difficult to burn body fat to make muscle gains. Through Massthetic, I learned the hard way that I needed testosterone to add muscular mass, which was already low due to the fat present in my body. This low level of testosterone wouldn’t let me gain muscles, and then whatever I’d eat would add to the obese, leading to fat cell hyperplasia.


So how Masthetic Muscles solved my problem? Well, the program is scientifically designed to make you learn about your strength profiles and the areas which show higher resistance to fat burning due to hormonal reasons. This study is termed as Precision Hypertrophy Principles and the three phases of the program built on these principles. The initiation cycle, which preps your body for the exercise patterns, the growth Cycle, which tricks your body into customizing to these new movements excessive load on muscles, which leads to Hypertrophy. Now that your body has changed physically and metabolically, the final push is via the Targeted cycle, which aims at specific body parts turn by turn, making it stronger. I know this is hard to absorb, so the only way to understand this is to try yourself.

Building Muscle Long Term:

This muscle-sculpting program is indeed designed to end the Traditional and seasonal bulking and cutting methods. Frank Rich’s program not only teaches you how to build lean muscle but how to maintain them all year round. This guide is not a part of your routine; instead, it’s a lifestyle and go for it if you are ready to adopt it on a 24/7 basis then only you experience long term benefits, and you can proudly show off your shirtless body all year-round.

Muscle Burning Cardio Sessions:

Above I told you why you should this program only if you have the will to make it your lifestyle and be patient with the results. It implies that this is not a magic trick or some protein powder that will trigger muscle building immediately. But apart from that, I can still assure you it’s less intense than the timeless Cardio you’ve been doing at the Gym with no productive results. True, you cant gain muscles without Cardio, but you cant gain it either if you are doing the wrong way. This guide contains scientifically programmed, short, and intense sessions that increase your EPOC and improve your Hormone profiles.

Muscle Building and Fitness Information:

So until now, I hope you have understood this guide’s programming on how to get lean muscle. I sure achieved a perfectly shaped, masculine body, but this was not my only goal. I wanted my muscles not to be just bulky but equally durable and fit. And that came when I reduced my body fat to 6% using this guide. It was an essential achievement because fat is just not unattractive, but it’s unhealthy. It lowers testosterone levels, makes your immune system weaker, which makes you more prone to injuries and infection. That means there will be more inflammation leading to more vulnerable joints and, ultimately, the inability to work out. Therefore it’s crucial to turn on the fat-burning system and store your nutrients in your muscles.


If you still don’t trust me. You can check out the many transformation stories and images of people who got their hands on this muscle-sculpting Master Guide. Through this program, you gain muscles without adding on fat; in fact, you lose it and achieve a stronger and aesthetic physique all year round.

Muscle Imbalance Legs:

Nowadays, leg ache or weakness of the legs is more common, even at younger ages. Muscle imbalances revealed 3.0 is highly recommended for all age groups. It presents simple activities in a visual form that you can perform in your daily routine to strengthen legs, especially knees. The knee is an essential part of the human body that departs a massive impact on different body functions. This Webinar includes videos where it has been explained in detail how a person can increase the functionality knees and perform better. When I applied these techniques to my clients, I was amazed by the results. It not only saves you from pain in the leg but also some more prominent ailments down the road.

Muscle Imbalance Test:

Apart from lots of information, what another thing appreciable about muscle imbalances revealed 3.0, are the simple tests it offers. These tests assess an individual or a fitness trainer like me to identify imbalances in the body. Where the inequality is, which muscles are weak, which are tight, and what to what extent of an imbalance the muscles are showing? While the diagnosis of the musculoskeletal system can be tough, muscle imbalance revealed shows simplified insights. I do not hold a degree in physiotherapy, and I always thought muscle imbalance is not my cup of tea. But here, I have a product with me that not only includes the advice of 1 professional instead of six experts of six different professions. These specialists have gathered on one platform to simplify the treatment of muscle imbalances from all aspects. Get your hands on this product now if you’re looking for a fitter and balanced life ahead.

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