How to Hide Being Sick

If you are suffering from a disease or sickness and want to keep that hidden from the people around you, then you have to hide the obvious symptoms of the disease and try your best to look healthy. This way nobody would be able to get any clue related to your unhealthy condition. However everyone should keep in mind that it is not a good idea to hide his ailment during a pandemic or epidemic situation like in Covid-19 outbreak. It is really important to consult a doctor if you feel unwell during this outbreak and should quarantine yourself to avoid it’s exposure to healthy individuals. This way you can get the right treatment of your illness, which if not treated on time could become fatal. 

Given below are some ways for hiding your sickness from others. 

Take Care Of Yourself Secretly -

  • Take Care Of Yourself Secretly: In order to hide a disease during its recovery period, one should take care of himself secretly. The best way to get healthy soon is to rest as much as you can. You should avoid working hard or do the activities that need a lot of energy to be done. Take a healthy diet and try to add fluids to your diet and avoid junk foods or the foods that make you feel sick. Make sure that the people in your surrounding or your family don’t see you doing anything unusual in your recovery period. Try not to announce to everyone if you are taking extra rest or if you are going to bed early. If eating triggers your unwell condition then just skip the meal without mentioning it to anyone and saying that you aren’t hungry. Do not force your body to be more active as doing this will make you even more sick and the people will probably get a clue about your condition. 

Use Cold Medicine -

  • Use Cold Medicine: Coughing or sneezing are the most common symptoms to find out if the individual is healthy or not. To avoid these symptoms, one should take over-the-counter medicines secretly, but never overdose on any drug. If you don’t have proper knowledge regarding any cold medicine or if you are too young to purchase them then you should follow these simple natural alternatives. Salt water gargle is the best way to treat sore throat. Use of honey in your tea or hot water can also treat irritating throat conditions as honey naturally has some healing properties for inflammation. Try to add soups or broth to your meal to give your body all the healthy nutrients and energy. 

Minimize Unhidden Symptoms -

  • Minimize Unhidden Symptoms: Those symptoms that are difficult to hide from others or those that you can’t hide completely should be minimized. Like if you caught a cough, try to make it less obvious. If you are sniffling from a runny nose, try to find a nearby washroom or restroom to blow your nose. If you feel like vomiting try to go to the washroom to avoid anybody knowing that you aren’t well. 

Avoid Talking -

  • Avoid Talking: If your voice is raspy or showing any hint of your disease just avoid talking as much as possible. Don’t start unwanted conversations as initially your voice could be well but it might start glitching when you try to talk more. Try not to yell as it will absolutely kill your voice. To avoid yelling, one should keep himself away from arguments or fights. Coughing sometimes takes your voice away but coughing again helps you in clearing your throat. This way your voice sounds normal and nobody is going to have any clue about your illness. 

Looking Healthy -

  • Looking Healthy: If you look fresh, you are considered as a healthy individual. In some diseases it is almost impossible to look healthy because they cast a dull and tiring effect on your skin and overall appearance, but if the disease is not that complicated one could look healthy after trying these simple tricks. Pat some moisturizer on your face for a healthy and dewy complexion. Flaky and dry skin looks unhealthy and tired. Try to apply the moisturizers that are packed with nutrients. You can also add some drops of replenishing oil in your moisturizer to give your skin an extra glow. Try to use some face masks especially those that are infused with vitamins, antioxidants and collagen as these are the basic compounds that can revitalize your tired skin and give it a healthy appearance. Use a cold compress in the morning to reduce the puffy appearance of your face as the puffy face looks unwell. You can also apply an eye cream or coffee mask for  under eye puffiness. Hydration can also reduce the puffy appearance of skin, so drinking plenty of water can help you with it. Additionally, you can apply a little makeup for masking your tired or unwell skin appearance. For bigger and brighter eyes try a lash curler, you can also apply some mascara on your lower lashes to give your eyes a bigger look. 

Consult A Doctor -

  • Consult A Doctor: If your symptoms are intense enough that you can’t hide it from others then you must visit your doctor. Such intense symptoms like high fever i.e above 102 °F (39 °C), chest pain and difficulty in breathing could lead to some serious conditions and could be fatal. In this case hiding your disease is not a good idea as it will add more complications, the patient needs to suffer more and it could prolong your treatment duration as it is easier to avoid complications from any disease initially. One should visit a doctor as soon as possible after noticing such intense symptoms of his disease. 

Keeping Others Protected -

  • Keeping Others Protected: When you are ill, try to avoid public gatherings and meetings in order to keep others safe. Do not go to school or work if it’s not that urgent. If you are willing to hide your sickness you should keep in mind that your decision of hiding it may be dangerous for others so you should stay at home until you recover from your disease. If your self medications aren’t working well enough for you or if you aren’t noticing any visible recovery then consult a doctor without wasting any time and try to draw your attention towards the cause of your illness to avoid further complications. For the diagnosis of disease, different blood or serum tests prescribed by your doctor could be helpful.

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