How to Avoid Getting Sick Using Incense

Incenses have been used widely throughout the world for meditation, religious purposes and relaxation but it can actually have many adverse effects on one’s health. In recent research, it is proven by the evidence collected that incense can release many pollutants that are extremely bad for your health and can make you sick slowly over time or quickly. If you want to avoid getting sick from incense, you have to choose the safest options to reduce the exposure to harmful particles and potentially harmful gasses. 

Following tips can help you in reducing the chances to avoid getting sick using incense.


1. Burn incense outdoors:

Burn incense outdoors -

In order to decrease the intake of harmful gasses and particles, you need to burn incense outdoors. You have to limit your use of incense outdoors only. In this way the aroma you inhaled will be less strong and likely to be diluted with air, so you will intake less dangerous particles along with its aroma. Some precautionary measures that you must keep in your mind are to put the burner away from flammable materials like leaves and sticks. Avoid usage of flammable gasses near the burner.


2. Use incense in well-ventilated areas:

Use incense in well-ventilated areas -

If you want to burn the incense indoors, you have to select the well ventilated area. Make sure that you have opened all of the windows or atleast opened one window of your room while you are burning it inside. This will reduce the emissions of potentially harmful particles and disseminate the dangerous gasses that are produced during the burning process. Many harmful gasses are produced in its burning process like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and formaldehyde. All of these gasses are extremely bad for your health and with their repeated or prolonged exposure, you might get sick. If the windows of your room are opened while it’s burning, it will allow the escape of air pollutants and leave a pleasant aroma in your room. 


3. Limit your incense burning:

Limit your incense burning -

If you need to get rid of overexposure, you need to limit the burning of incense. Although it’s burning helps you in relaxing but it actually adds pollutants in the air. By limiting its usage, you can make yourself less likely to be exposed to some adverse health effects, that can be caused by the harmful particles produced during it’s burning period. There is no particular research or specific guidelines that exactly tells how often you can use incense safely. Therefore you should limit its usage as much as you can or try to use them during your religious or ceremonial needs only.


4. Keep away the burner from you:

Keep away the burner from you -

Do not inhale the gasses produced by incense directly. To keep yourself less prone from its adverse effects, you have to inhale very little smoke from burning incense directly. In order to make less exposure to such harmful particles, you need to avoid holding or keeping the burner right next to you. If you place the burner near you, you will likely inhale the large amount of smoke produced by it directly. Try to find an appropriate place like the corner of your room, for the placement of its holder. In this way the pollutants will disseminate into the air before you inhale them directly. 


5. Keep away children and pets from incense:

Keep away children and pets from incense -

Try to keep the incense away from babies and pets, as it could cause a bad impact on their overall health as well as on their growth and development. You should completely avoid burning incense near your pets and children. Babies do not have a well developed and strong ventilation system, a burning incense could make their breathing difficult. Their bodies are not immune enough to fight the diseases caused by harmful particles of burning incense. 


6. Avoid incense if you have allergies:

Avoid incense if you have allergies -

People with allergies, asthma or lung issues should strictly avoid burning incense. Such a person could develop a potential negative effect from inhaling its harmful particles. The difficult breathing condition of an allergic person could worsen if he inhales the air polluted by the gasses of incense. An allergic person may suffer from some additional symptoms like irritation in his airways or headache. It is best to avoid burning incense, if you are already into any of these conditions. 

7. Choosing the Safest Options:

You have to choose the safest option if you want to use incense. Here is a brief guidance for selecting the safest options.

Use smaller incense sticks -

  • Use smaller incense sticks: In order to burn the less incense at a time, pick their smaller sticks for burning. If you want to get less harmful effects of incense or want to get less breathing complications, you need to purchase smaller incense sticks or cones. Try to burn only a single stick at a time, in this way you can enjoy the aroma and calming effects produced by it and can protect yourself from inhaling the dangerous gasses and particles. Larger incense sticks can be extinguished before they burn all the way down. For this, you need to stick them in sand or water. 

Choose incense that has calcium carbonate -

  • Choose incense that has calcium carbonate: While shopping for incense, focus on the product that has calcium carbonate. The incense with added calcium carbonate can reduce the risk of making you sick. Still research is ongoing on this topic, but evidence shows that calcium carbonate reduces the emission of particles that are the main causes of respiratory issues like coughing, irritation or wheezing. All of the high quality incenses have an ingredient list along with the product.

Select an electric burner -

  • Select an electric burner: Instead of using charcoal, opt for an electrical burner. Although charcoal burners use a small quantity of charcoal, still they can be potentially harmful. Carbon monoxide is released by burning charcoal, which can lead to its poisoning over time. As we know that incense is already a harmful product, using charcoal will add more adverse effects in its usage. So it is the better option to opt for an electrical burner to minimize its adverse health effects. Both charcoal and electrical burners are available in the market with different price ranges. Try to select it in the electrical products available in a shop. So you need to find and pick the one that is more affordable, as well as a good option for you and for your family’s health.

Learn to Safely Enjoy Incense: Prevent Getting Sick Using Incense

Discover essential tips for safe incense use. From burning outdoors to selecting well-ventilated spaces and opting for smaller sticks or electrical burners, these precautions minimize exposure to harmful particles, helping prevent getting sick using incense.

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