How to Get a Little Healthier While Staying Just as Lazy

Healthy life is very important for your body to work properly. Keeping yourself healthy even if you don’t have time and energy is very difficult. Staying at home and becoming lazy makes it hard to maintain yourself healthy. But with some changes in your daily routine or lifestyle, you can make your life healthier while staying lazy. Little lifestyle changes like exercises, your eating habits and daily routine play an important role in a healthy lifestyle.


  1. Eating well

Eat your meals with your non-dominant hand -

  • Eat your meals with your non-dominant hand: If you’re right handed then use your left hand to eat your meal and similarly if you’re left handed then use your right hand. By using your non-dominant hand it will slow your eating speed. With slow speed you will consume less food that helps to keep yourself healthy. Stop eating when you’re full. Overeating makes you unhealthy.

Take healthy foods -

  • Take healthy foods: Use healthy foods in your regular meal. Try adding Milano cookies to your meal and frozen fruits for smoothies and snap pea crisp in your daily diet. Also remember that if you eat less cookies and more healthier snacks,  you get a healthier life.

Drink a glass of water before every meal -

  • Drink a glass of water before every meal: Try making it a habit to drink at least one glass of water before your meal. Drinking water before a meal fills up your stomach and limits your appetite. This trick will help you eat less and give you a healthier life. Also, from a health point of view, drinking water in between your meals or after meals causes bloating which is bad for your health. Keep a water bottle by your side every time and drink plenty of water daily.

Drink Coffee -

  • Drink coffee: Coffee is very healthy for you. If you drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee daily then you are less likely to have heart related problems. Drink coffee daily early in the morning for breakfast and also in the evening. This will keep you healthy.

Eat in small plates -

  • Eat in small plates: If you eat in small plates then you will eat less food than in a large plate. Eating less food helps you to maintain your body easily. Use smaller plates for eating rather than larger plates.

Eat Spicy Food -

  • Eat spicy foods: Spicy foods reduce your appetite. Use chili peppers or hot sauces in your food. Eating spicy foods will reduce your food’s capacity. Add it in your meal for spicy taste and health boost.


2. Do exercises:

Walk 2 minutes every hour -

  • Walk 2 minutes every hour: Walk just 2 minutes every hour. It will be easy for you. You can walk in your room around your bed or couch. You may also walk while watching TV or using a cell phone. Walking will help you to burn your body calories that you earn sitting all day at home and staying lazy at home. Walking helps you to live a healthy life.

Walk Backwards -

  • Walk backwards: Walk backward will help you to lose more calories than other exercises because it takes more effort and energy for this. In backward walking more muscles are involved in functioning than in forward walking.

Get your metabolism started early -

  • Get your metabolism started early: Start your day with metabolic activities such as washing laundry or trashing the garbage. This will give you a good start of the day and keep you active all day. These activities boost your metabolism and maintain your health.

Stand instead of sitting -

  • Stand instead of sitting: Avoid sitting all day. Stand more instead of sitting. Do every work or activity while standing. You can play video games or watch TV while standing by yourself. If you stand at least 3 hours a day, it will reduce your 750 calories.


3. Making Other Healthy Choices: 

Sleep more -

  • Sleep more: If you sleep more than normal routine it will boost your immune system and also reduce your depression, anxiety and stress. Extra sleep helps you to maintain your weight. It will help you stay happy and fresh. Take good care of your mental health. Plenty of sleep helps you to live a healthier life.

Spend more time with your friends -

  • Spend more time with your friends: Try spending time with your friends. It will reduce your stress and make you calm and relaxed. Spending time with your friends lowers your blood pressure and heart rate. It will freshen up your mood and keep you happy. Hanging out with your friends will save you from anxiety and depression.

Watch a funny video during work -

  • Watch a funny video during work: Take short breaks between your work to relax your brain a little. Watch funny videos during your break. It will reduce your work pressure and stress. Laughter is very important for a healthy life. You should do activities that make you laugh and stay happy. This will help you stay more positive and energetic.

Pet your dog or cat -

  • Pet your dog or cat: By loving your pet, a dog or a cat will produce “love hormones” called oxytocin. When you play with your pet it will make you relax and energize you. Spending time with your pets gives you happiness and makes your life healthier.

Park your vehicle far away -

  • Park your vehicle far away: If you don’t have enough time for exercise or walking then try to park your vehicle away from your office or restaurants, it will help you to walk. This walk burns your calories and makes you healthy and active.

Play outdoor games -

  • Play outdoor games: Avoid indoor games like Xbox or PlayStation if you want to live a healthier life. Play outdoor games like cricket, football, badminton etc. This will make you stay active and give you energy. These games are very helpful for preventing Cardiovascular diseases or musculoskeletal diseases.



If you’re busy with your work and don’t have proper time for workout and exercise then make some changes in your lifestyle to get a healthier life. Eat a proper diet to make yourself healthy and active. Take healthy foods like vegetables and fruits and avoid unhealthy foods and drinks. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated for proper functioning of your body. Drink coffee early in the morning daily which gives you a healthy and active start of the day. Eat spicy foods and use your non-dominant hand to eat less. Do short exercises like 2 minutes walk every hour or backward walk to burn your calories daily. Do every work while Standing more than sitting. You have to sleep a little more extra to reduce your depression and anxiety. Hangout with your friends and family. Spend more time and play with your pets to reduce stress. Play outdoor games like cricket or tennis to keep yourself active and healthy. These activities and exercises help you to live a healthier life while staying lazy at home.

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