How to Grow Taller

Although the height of a person is determined by the person’s genetics and other lifestyle elements like food, herbal medicine and workout which can also have an influence on a person’s height. Growing taller usually happens between age 12 to 20 in a natural way after that growth is stopped. These elements that help to grow taller are discussed in detail below.

1. Food And Diet That Increase Height Naturally:

Food helps us a lot to maintain a very healthy diet which normally includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, poultry and dairy products that can supply all the essential nutrients like calcium, potassium, zinc, manganese, vitamin C, phosphorus and proteins that are really necessary for stimulating growth in young kids and increase their height in a good manner. 

Some examples are:

  • Dairy Products: Milk and some other dairy products like cheese, paneer and yogurt are essential for growth as they contain all the essential nutrients for height nourishment, such as calcium, proteins and vitamin A, B, D and E. Therefore, it is suggested to drink at least 2 glass milk as a daily routine and include other dairy products in your daily diet.
  • Eggs: Eggs are the cheapest and easily available source of high-quality protein that is essential for optimum growth. Eggs are the most powerful source of vitamin D, calcium, and Vitamin B2 or Selenium, which helps in developing more strong bones and a healthy body is maintained. If you really don’t want to load up your body on the fats and have to maintain a slim and smart body, you can simply eat the egg white which is also known as albumin, which is full of almost 100% protein. It is recommended for a normal human to consume a minimum of 3 to 6 egg whites on a daily basis.
  • Chicken:  Chicken contains high protein content which makes the musculoskeletal system strong and healthy. Chicken also contains amino acids that boost growth hormones to help to grow bones and muscles some more inches.
  • Nuts and Seeds: Help in increasing height. Seeds and Nuts are another bunch of proteins and calcium which may result in increasing height more efficiently. Nuts like peanuts,  and seeds like flax seeds which contain some essential minerals for the body, good fats and amino acids which boosts growth hormone and gives strength to bones and muscles.
  • Leafy Green Vegetables:  Fresh leafy green vegetables play a vital role in human growth, which contain all minerals, vitamins and fibers required to boost your height. Green vegetables used to grow taller are spinach, collard greens, broccoli, peas, Brussels sprouts, okra, etc.
  • Fish: Fishes like salmon, tuna, sardine contain high proteins and vitamin D necessary for tall height. 

2. Herbal Supplements To Grow Taller:

This is not really a food, but more of a natural herbal supplement for increasing height. It helps to add a few inches to your height. Some Herbal Supplements are:

  • Makes bones active and potent.
  • Help in increasing bone calcium density.
  • Useful in diseases that occur due to loss of bone mineral density.
  • Empowers the phagocytic ability of the body.
  • Improves the body’s ability to absorb iron from foods.
  • Maintain the skin, the bones, and muscles.
  • Hormonal balancer, nutritive and anti-arthritic herbs.
  • Increase the absorption of nutrients.
  • Increase growth of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Promotes stimulation of growth hormones.
  • Improves chest size, muscular strength, and body weight.
  • Improves strength, endurance, and vitality, boosts immunity.
  • Gives nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Important for strong bones, cartilages and ligaments.
  • Improves strength, endurance, and vitality, boosts immunity.

3. Effective Exercises To Increase Height:

As you know, the growth of humans depends on age, there are some exercises that can increase bones and muscle length. These exercises include yoga, stretching and body posture exercises. Here are some exercises for growing tall.

  • Face down on the ground with your legs and toes together pointed.
  • Keep your hands under your shoulder.
  • Straight your arms to move your upper body upward from the ground.
  • Bend your head back and stick your hips to the ground.
  • Sit on the ground with straight back and legs in front of your body.
  • Set your right Leg on your left thigh and place it on the ground.
  • Rest your right hand on the ground behind your back and place your left elbow on your knee.
  • Stand straight and move forward your right leg.
  • Your left leg straight behind you and Move 45° your left foot.
  • Your right leg should be bent 90°.
  • Lift your both arms towards the roof.
  • Lie on your back with bent knees and arms at both sides.
  • Slowly move upward your hips towards the roof while your feet and shoulders exert force on the ground and fix.
  • Keep lifting your hips until your knees make a 90°.
  • Take a step to the right and move down your hips towards the floor until your knee forms a 90° angle.
  • Knees should be placed above your foot.
  • Extend your left leg to the left side of your body and it should be straight.
  • Bend your chest and head forward and place both hands on your knee.
  • Sit on the ground with your back straight.
  • Join your feet soles together and draw them back towards your pubic area.
  • Your hands touch your knees to the floor.


How to Grow Taller -

From this article we understand that height is not only genetically inherited from ancestors but also some lifestyle factors responsible for growth. We can grow taller by taking a healthy diet, herbal medicine and supplements and workout and yoga. Healthy food makes a great impact on your height and growth like Milk and dairy products, eggs, chicken, nuts and seeds, fish, green leafy vegetables etc. These food intake help to grow faster and taller. Second factor is herbal medicine and Supplements like LACCIFER LACCA, LEPIDIUM SATIVUM LINN, WITHANIA SOMNIFERA, PUERARIA TUBEROSA DC, ACACIA ARABICA etc. These medicines enhance human growth and make the musculoskeletal system strong and healthy. While the third factor is very important and useful to increase growth which is Exercises and Yoga like The cobra, Seated Torso Twist, The Warrior, The Bridge, Side Lunge, Inner Thigh Stretch etc. If we follow and make these factors into habits of your life then you will grow taller and more and help to maintain and empower your muscles and b

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