How to Take Control of Your Health

Health is easy to maintain by following healthy habits. Healthy life leads to a happy and beautiful life. Your health, financial, mental, economic, or social situation can create difficulty to control your health. There are many ways and methods to take control of your health. You can follow these methods at any age to control your health.


  1. Controlling Your Physical Health:

Savor your food -

  • Savor your food: Eating mindfulness habit. We should focus on what we eat and in what quantity. Distraction while eating has adverse effects on your health. We aren’t paying attention while eating by watching TV, cell phones or doing some work. We should remove all the distractions in the surroundings while eating a meal. Enjoy and feel every taste of the food and eat slowly. Eating slowly helps you to indicate that your stomach is full or not. When your body indicates it’s full then you should stop eating. Take food on your plate according to your diet and capacity which helps you alot to save your food and wastage.

Drink enough water and liquids -

  • Drink enough water and liquids: Human body is composed of 60% water. Water is a very important component of the body and life. It excites all the body toxins from the body and transfers the nutrients to every cell of the body. Low quantity of water in the body leads to dehydration which causes dizziness and other health problems. Excessive loss of water from the body by means of sweating, breath or urine causes dehydration. It will be overcome by drinking lots of water and fluids. Men should drink at least 3 liters of water or fluids daily while women need to drink 2.2 liters of water daily. With the water you can also drink healthy beverages like fruit and vegetables juices to treat dehydration but you should avoid sugary drinks or soft drinks.

Get enough sleep -

  • Get enough sleep: Enough and comfortable sleep is very important to control your health. Proper sleep has positive effects on your energy, mood and health. If you’re an adult between 18 to 67 then you should sleep at least 7 to 9 hours. Adults of age more than 67 should sleep 7 to 8 hours every night. You should follow some simple simple steps to get enough and comfortable sleep:
    • Follow a fixed bedtime routine everyday including weekends.
    • Make a fixed wakeup routine daily.
    • Turn off all the lights and make your room darker.
    • Use a mattress and pillow that are comfortable for you.
    • Don’t drink any caffeinated drinks before going to bed.
    • Minimize your use of bed only for sleeping.

Exercise on a regular basis -

  • Exercise on a regular basis: Daily exercise helps to control your health which does have many health benefits. You should do both moderate and vigorous intensity daily. Do moderate intensity exercise at least 150 minutes in a week and vigorous intensity exercise at least 75 minutes in a week. Combination of both exercises are beneficial and have a great impact on your health. Do cardio, aerobic exercise, muscle strengthening exercises to improve the results, increase the duration of moderate exercises to 300 minutes per week and vigorous exercise to 150 minutes per week. 


2. Maintaining Your Mental Health:

Build and maintain healthy relationships -

  • Build and maintain healthy relationships: Good and healthy relationships with your friends and family help to relieve pressure and stress. This relationship makes you feel special and valued and helps to live a happy and healthy life. Connection with friends and family has also prevented many diseases such as high blood pressure and increased lifespan. Interaction with new people or making new friends is very useful and beneficial. You can make new friends by joining any book club or hiking club, working in an NGO or enroll in class.

Reward yourself -

  • Reward yourself: Reward yourself by feeling joy, happiness and satisfaction daily. For example laughing reduces your pain, improves muscle relaxation, reduces anxiety and improves lung and heart function. Follow these methods to add fun in your life:
    • Read comedy or funny books when you feel bored.
    • See pictures collection to gain some motivation and energy boost.
    • Watch comedy TV shows or movies.
    • Listen to the radio while you’re driving.
    • Color in coloring books.
    • Doing coloring parties with your friends and family.
    • Join music, dancing or poetry classes.
    • Laugh at yourself in absurd and awkward situations.
    • Always think and speak positively.
    • Go through past old pictures of yourself and family.
    • Remind yourself of the good and happy moments of your life.
    • Go to a salon for a spa, massage, facial, manicure or pedicure.

Doing meditation -

  • Doing meditation: Meditation is a very soothing and relaxing experience. It helps to calm and relax your mental state. It controls your mental health. Meditation like deep breathing, mindfulness, visualization and mantras helps you focus on your life and calm your body. Do meditation daily early in the morning after waking up. Make sure that your environment and surroundings should be calm and silent. Turn off all electronic and noisy devices like TV, radio, cell phones etc. Remove all the distractions from the meditation room. Just feel your emotions and inner soul. Garden and house rooftop is the best place for meditation.


3. Aging Healthy:

Review your medications regularly -

  • Review your medications regularly: Keep in contact with your doctor and tell them to review your medicine to ensure that your medicines are working properly. If your medication doesn’t support your health and cause an adverse reaction then tell your doctor to change medicines and prescribe you other medication.

Get your hearing checked every year -

  • Get your hearing checked every year: Hearing is an important sensory part of your body. Make sure to check your hearing ability once a year. Take an appointment with the audiologist to check your hearing. If hearing is proper then it’s good for you but ability to hear is weak as compared to last checkup then you should get or change your hearing aid equipment. 

Check your home for hazards -

  • Check your home for hazards: Check your home and remove all dangerous and hazards that may cause injury or disability. For example, cover all the electric switch boards and lights, cover the edges of tables and chairs, keep away sharp items from children etc. Installs grills or bars on windows and stairs. Place silicone covers on sharp edges of tables and cupboards.

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