How to Lead a Healthy Life

There are many factors that influence your lifestyle. Many activities and daily habits help you to live a healthy life. Factors that lead to a healthy life are; balanced diet, exercises, healthy habits etc. Follow these factors to live a healthy life and make these a part of your daily routine to prevent diseases and stay active and healthy.

Eat healthy foods -

  • Eat healthy foods: Eating a healthy and balanced diet will ultimately lead you to a healthy life. Your diet should be full of all vitamins and nutrients. Eat all fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products, proteins and good fats in your diet to make your diet healthy and balanced. If you are suffering from any disease, then you should be careful before taking any food in your diet and make sure to consult a doctor for what to eat or what to avoid in your daily meals. You should take meals 3 times a day i.e breakfast, lunch and dinner with healthy snacks between the meals if your body needs some. Take an equal proportion of all food groups in your meal to get all the nutrients and minerals. Avoid overeating because it is unhealthy and may affect your health. When you feel full then you should stop eating food. If you eat all the time or think about food all the time even if you’re not hungry then this may cause eating disorders and likely decrease your appetite and lead to weight loss. Don’t take vitamin supplements if your doctor hasn’t prescribed it to you. Try to eat vitamin rich foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, salad and dairy products such as yogurt. Taking these healthy foods in your diet will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Drink fluids -

  • Drink fluids: Keeping yourself hydrated will lead to a healthier life. Taking fluids like water, juices, broth, milk etc. throughout the day will help you stay hydrated. Extracting fresh juice from fruits and vegetables will provide you with all the vitamins and nutrients which helps you to live a healthy life. You should drink at least 2 liters or about 8 glasses of any fluid daily to keep yourself hydrated. Try to avoid sugary drinks or caffeinated drinks because lots of sugar and caffeine is bad for your health. Alcoholic drinks may affect your liver and decrease your health faster. It is better to avoid unhealthy drinks to live a healthier life.

Exercise -

  • Exercise: Doing exercises and workouts regularly keeps you active and healthier. It will keep improving your mental and physical health. Exercising early in the morning has a better effect on your body and mind because it will give you an energetic and powerful start of the day. Give at least 30 minutes to exercises daily. Do moderate exercises like running, push-ups, pull-ups etc. You should do cardio exercises to improve your heart and cardiovascular system. It’s not necessary to join a gym for exercise or workouts. You can also do exercises at home such as running, swimming or dance troche.

Sleep -

  • Sleep: Deep and comfortable sleep is very important for your healthy mind and body. Create your sleep routine like sleeping at the same time daily and waking-up early in the morning. Go to bed after 3 hours of dinner to prevent GERD or heartburn which helps in better sleep. If you’re an adult you should sleep at least 7 to 8 hours daily while a teenager needs at least 10 hours to stay healthy and active.

Brush and floss -

  • Brush and floss: Dental hygiene is very important from a health point of view. Keep your mouth and teeth clean. If you don’t take care of your teeth and mouth it will lead to dental disorders. Brush your teeth twice daily for good dental hygiene. After eating food it is necessary to brush or floss your teeth to remove food debris stuck in between your teeth. Use mouthwash daily to keep your mouth germs free and odourless. If you’re facing gum bleeding, misaligned teeth, sensitivity or trouble in swallowing, book an appointment with the dentist for complete dental checkup and treatment. 

Wear sunscreen -

  • Wear sunscreen: Fresh and healthy skin is an important component of a healthy life. Be careful about your skin. Take precautionary measures to protect your skin from harmful rays such as UltraViolet Rays coming from the sun. Apply sunscreen or sunblock on your skin when you go out, to prevent skin cancer or other skin allergies. Use sunscreen or sunblock of SPF 30 or higher. Apply 30 minutes before going outside and repeat it every 2 hours. Keep a check and examine your skin daily. If you have skin cancer or any skin allergy like red spots then consult with the dermatologist for medication and treatment.

Socialize -

  • Socialize: Socializing with your friends and family will give you relief from work pressure and stress. It will relax your mind and body. It will help you to recover from any disease. Interact with people like your neighbors, colleagues etc. to expand your social circle. Interaction with new people helps you to understand the mindset and views of different people which helps to improve your knowledge and skills. Join social communities, religious congregations, activist collective, artistic cooperative organizations to meet new people. If you’re single then find your partner and become a couple because romantic vibes are very beneficial to live a healthy life. 

Build happiness and self-acceptance -

  • Build happiness and self-acceptance: Happiness and health are interrelated and have strong links. Keep yourself happy and relaxed by doing those activities that help you stay happy. Speak and listen to yourself which develops self acceptance ability in you. Ignore negative thoughts, activities and people in your life to keep yourself away from problems. Think positive and do positive work like help someone, take care of animals and plants etc. These activities will relax your mind and improve your mental and physical health. 

Limit your exposure to toxins -

  • Limit your exposure to toxins: Stay away from bad habits and activities to live a healthy life. Avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol etc. Don’t expose yourself to toxic environments like industries or factories. Stop using harmful chemicals and products. Don’t spray pesticide to kill insects at your home because it contains harmful chemicals which cause respiratory disorders. Wear a face mask when you go outside to protect yourself from vehicle smoke. Don’t wash your clothes with chemicals like perchloroethylene because it causes health problems when you expose them for a long time. Wash your clothes with fresh water and protect yourself from harmful toxins and stay healthy.

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