How to Treat Crepitus

The term crepitus is used for clicking or popping sound produced by a joint. The reason behind this cracking sound is the rubbing of soft tissue or cartilage against a joint while making any movement. This condition could be triggered by air pockets that are built up in between bones or tendons. Crepitus is nothing to worry about as it itself is not a disease but if this condition appears with some other symptoms then it could be a clinical condition. One must keep in mind that chronic crepitus is sometimes a symptom of any serious disease. So if your joints are producing clicking sound quite often then you should consult a doctor. 

Following are some tips which will help you in treating your crepitus. 

Move Around More Frequently -

  • Move Around More Frequently: You must need to get up and move more frequently throughout the day as most of the times such clicking or cracking sounds are produced by the joints when air or gas are built up in them. When a person moves quite often he will be able to remove the air pockets from his joints. If you work in an office, take a short break to have a small walk after every hour. In order to keep the body active, you may try some neck, elbow, shoulder, wrist, knee and ankle exercises. A small walk and few simple exercises are important if you are over 65, as you are at a higher risk of osteoarthritis. You probably do not need to consult any doctor if there is no pain or other symptoms associated with crepitus. If your condition is chronical i.e crepitus with painful joints, you have to see a doctor without taking any risk. 

Strengthening The Muscles Around The Joint -

  • Strengthening The Muscles Around The Joint: If you are experiencing criptus and your daily routine includes no workout then it’s high time for you to start a few simple workout routines. These workouts not only strengthen your joints but it will also make your muscles stronger. A strong muscle around the joint will minimize the pressure exerting on the joint and thus reduce the clicking or popping sound produced by it. Hand grip strengthening can help you if your fingers or wrist joints are making cracking sounds. You just need to squeeze it while doing any light activity or watching TV. Wrist extensions with 2.3 to 4.5 kg weights could be done in order to minimize this condition. If you want to strengthen your legs and want to reduce the popping sound made by your knees, squats are a great option. Reverse planks and knee extensions are some other impactful exercises to strengthen the muscles of your legs. The smaller muscles around your ankles are strengthened by ankle rolls and calf raises. Stretching your arms is a great way to prevent the popping sound produced by your elbow or shoulder. Pushups and planks are also some good muscle strengthening workouts which not only makes the muscles of your limbs stronger but also improves their overall shape and movement by improving the elasticity of their ligaments and tendons. 

Improving The Health Of Your Joints -

  • Improving The Health Of Your Joints: For some people strength or weight training and other intensive exercises are hard to do. In this case you may try some interesting physical activities like cycling or swimming. These two activities do not put extra pressure on your muscles and are great for the smooth movable joints. If you strictly stick to these daily exercises then only 5-10 minutes are more than enough for healthy joints. You should keep in mind that running is good for your overall health but over time it could wear down your knees and ankle joints. You should stop running if you are facing a lot of popping or cracking sounds in your knees or if your body is at risk of developing any joint disease. 

Lose Weight And Reduce Pressure -

  • Lose Weight And Reduce Pressure: Crepitus can be reduced by reducing the stress or pressure on your joints. If a person loses his few extra pounds, he will definitely minimize the excessive pressure exerted by an overweight body. In order to lose weight you need to focus on your daily diet and activity level. You need to avoid junk foods, cut free calories from sugar and sugary drinks. Try to add more greens to your diet, as green vegetables are a great source of minerals and fibers which helps in maintaining good health as well as improves the overall digestion. Bran breads, whole grain wheat and brown rice are also rich in fibers and vitamin B complex. Lean meat like turkey, chicken or fish, eggs and legumes are great sources of protein which helps in growth and development of muscles and wear and tear of the body. Dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt provide an adequate amount of calcium to our body for strong teeth and bones. It is important to keep some physical activities in your daily routine with a proper and balanced diet. Some 30 minutes of cardio exercises 2-3 times a week can do a lot in maintaining your body. You can also adapt some hobbies like cycling or swimming to keep yourself physically fit. Losing your extra weight not only reduces the exerting pressure on your joints but also makes your body less prone to obesity and heart diseases. In this way you can save yourself from fatal diseases and make your body look even more healthier. 

Take Vitamin D And Magnesium Supplements -

  • Take Vitamin D And Magnesium Supplements: Vitamin D is important for maintaining the strength and health of your bones. Magnesium helps in the absorption of vitamin D, so they work great if they are taken together. Sometimes crepitus is due to the weakness of bones caused by poor or malnutritioned diet. By taking a healthy diet and appropriate vitamin supplements you may overcome your nutritional deficiency. Ask your doctor before taking any vitamin or food supplement. Do not go for self medication as it could be dangerous sometimes. 

Self-Massage -

  • Self-Massage: Giving yourself a self massage could be soothing for your muscles and improves its painful condition. Massage your jaw muscles, neck and other joints with your hands. Make long and smaller strokes on targeted areas, rub your toes, feets, hands and fingers. You may take any body oil or lotion for lubrication of your skin. This will help in giving yourself a smooth and gentle massage.

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