How to be Physically Healthy

It is very important to keep an eye on what you are consuming for your daily nutrition and how much your body is physically active, to keep your body fit and healthy. These healthy habits can lead you towards a life with less stress and ailments, that could improve your overall physical health and also boost your energy level. People have been working on physical fitness from ages. Different nutritional diets and workout plans are available everywhere which can lead you to the right path for maintaining our health and fitness. There are some tips given below which can help you guide further about maintaining a good and healthy body. 

Get Active -

  • Get Active: Sedentary lifestyle is linked to many poor health conditions. Such a lifestyle can make a person physically unhealthy and lazy. It is recommended that an adult should perform some moderate physical activities at least 150 minutes (two and a half hours) per week to maintain a healthy body. It is not necessary for you to do workouts for long hours. In fact, if a person is willing to increase his physical activities, he needs to set up specific goals for himself. A person can achieve a healthy lifestyle just by changing some daily routine habits, for example, start using stairs instead of using an elevator. You can also park your car a bit far away in the parking lot so that you have an opportunity to walk. You can even make your fun time like movie time beneficial for your health by setting a treadmill while watching TV or a movie. Try to stand more when doing any house chores or when using the computer. An alarm clock can help in reminding you that you need to move for a few minutes after an hour or two. Keep some weights at your home or in your office for performing arm exercises to strengthen your muscles. Try to walk as much as you can during your lunch breaks, you may ask your colleagues to join you and go for lunch by walking. 

Build Muscles -

  • Build Muscles: Maintaining healthy muscles can help you enjoy all your favorite activities at all the stages of your life. Muscles can be built by doing some muscle strengthening exercises. You can easily build your muscles by working out on the following tips. When it comes to strength training or weight training, one should start slowly and gradually, especially those who haven’t been physically active for a long time. Do not exceed your workout to the point where you could harm yourself. If you experience sore joints, muscle pain or exhaustion, it means that you are overdoing the exercises. Start strength training with a small amount of weight and slowly add more weights by focusing on your form. Don’t jerk weights, use smooth movements when lifting weights. You should avoid locking your joints when lifting weight in a straight position and also avoid holding your breath during strength training. It is always a good idea to look for a gym instructor or trainer for guidance.

Find A Healthy Weight -

  • Find A Healthy Weight: Many unhealthy conditions and diseases are caused by having unhealthy body weight i.e the body weight which is not appropriate according to your BMI. Many heart diseases, obesity and type 2 diabetes are associated with an overweight body. A person should take care of his weight. Here are some tips which can help you in achieving your desired goals. Everyone should eat healthy. Eating healthy means that you should take your meal in small portions, limit the free calories from sugar, minimize fatty foods and fuel up your body with whole grains, colorful vegetables and fruits. You have to boost your metabolism by drinking a lot of water. Try to manage time for physical activities or you can go with the activities that you enjoy the most. A brisk walk or bike riding can help a lot in your weight management. You have to keep an eye on your body’s progress as it will keep you motivated to move forward. Track your progress by maintaining a food and activity diary that will make your weight loss journey fun and interesting.

Mind Your Metabolism -

  • Mind Your Metabolism: As we get older, our metabolism changes. Lean muscles keep our metabolism fast, but as we grow old our lean muscle starts losing which ultimately results in slow or decreased metabolism. Lean muscles could be built by exercising more and eating the right amount of protein. It is important to fasten your metabolism otherwise you will end up with an overweight body. To combat body changes related to our age here are some tips which may help in maintaining a healthy body even when you get older. Always stick to a healthy diet. Junk foods or fast foods play an important role in slowing down the body’s metabolic rate and adding extra pounds to your body. One should limit snacking while maintaining healthy weight, as snacks are packed with free calories with a very few nutritional value. Drinking plenty of water can fasten up the body’s metabolism.
    Improving your sleep cycle can improve many health conditions as it makes the mind and body fresh and active. Alcohol should be taken in very limited quantities as it has a lot of calories with zero nutritional benefits.

Eat Healthy -

  • Eat Healthy: A healthy eating habit could save you and your family from many diseases and it is quite easy to manage your diet in a healthy way and enjoy almost all varieties of healthy foods. Healthy eating includes managing your calorie intake according to your age, weight and height and making healthy food selections for yourself. Here is a basic guide which will help you in finding the right food options for your body. Cut down your refined or processed sugar intake, instead take fruits to satisfy your sweet cravings. Eating a variety of food will help you in maintaining a good amount of all the micronutrients in the body. Try to prepare your meal with vegetables, nuts, grains, eggs, lean meat and fish. You may add some dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt to your diet to avoid any calcium deficiency. Get enough fibers, as fibers provide you the feeling of fullness and reduce the chances of piles or constipation. Try adding fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals to your diet. Salt intake should be limited to avoid conditions like bloating or hypertension.

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