How to Use Apple Health

Health app on your iPhone is very important from a health point of view. This will save your health record and your medical history in one location. Whenever you contact your phone with another health or Fitness application, this will automatically show your health records and data on that app. Whenever you have a medical emergency this apple health will show all your medical history and data to the responders. Like if you are involved in an accident this apple health will show you medical history to the doctor like your blood group, your previous meditation etc. 


  1. Creating your health profile:

Open the health app -

  • Open the health app: Firstly go to your phone’s app screen and open the health app on your phone. Its pink heart appears on the white background on the left or right corner of your home screen. Your health profile contains your basic information such as your name, address, age, date of birth etc.

Tap summary button -

  • Tap “summary button”: After opening the health app you will have a summary button on the left  bottom corner of your screen having a heart icon.

Tap on profile -

  • Tap on your “profile photo or initials”: When you go to the summary tab you will see favourites of your app like step, health activity or profile etc. Then tap on your profile present at the right top corner of your screen with a man logo. This will show you personal details or information.

Tape health profile -

  • Tape “health profile”: When you open your profile, it will show your account details or your medical details etc. But under your medical details column you will see your health profile bar. Tap on health profile to open it.

Tap edit -

  • Tap “edit” : To enter your personal details or information tap edit on the right upper corner in your health profile page. 

Enter your details -

  • Enter your details: When you go to edit option, you will have many bars that contain your personal information. Enter your personal details like your first, last and middle name, your date of birth, address, contact information, gender etc. Enter your correct information because it will help to know your details and contact information when you have a medical emergency.

Tap-done -

  • Tap “done” : When you enter all your details and information. Tap the done option on the top right corner of your screen but keep it in your mind that your all given information is correct and authentic. This will save your personal information and also show it to the other health and fitness applications. 


2. Connecting Other Apps to Apple Health:

Install an app that works with Apple Health -

  • Install an app that works with Apple Health: Download an ios app that is compatible with health apps. To install an app follow these steps:
    • Go to the search bar in the health app.
    • Select any category like nutrition or sleep.
    • Now select sub categories like Carbohydrates or Sleep Analysis.
    • See the apps shown in the list and see if this is compatible with iphone or not.
    • See the details of the app and select it according to your desire and download it on your mobile. 

Tap summary button -

  • Tap the Summary tab: Tap on summary located left down the corner having a heart icon.

Tap on profile -

  • Tap on profile: Go to your profile icon on the right top corner.

Tap on apps -

  • Tap on apps: Now scroll down to the privacy column and tap on the app bar. 

Tap an app in the list -

  • Tap an app in the list: Details of the app you download showed in this section. If it didn’t show here then go to that app’s settings and change the settings of the app.

Use the switch(es) to determine which data can be shared with Health -

  • Use the switch(es) to determine which data can be shared with Health: It’s up to you what information you want to share with the health app. Just switch on (green) the button to share that detail on the health app. This will be shown in the summary tab.


3. Setting Up a Medical ID:

Tap summary button -

  • Tap the Summary tab of the Apple Health app: The heart icon present in the left down corner is the summary tab. There you set your medical ID. In medical ID, you can save your personal details and information such as your name, date of birth, address, height, weight etc. as well as your personal medical details such as medical condition, allergies, diseases or other medical information that will be used in a medical emergency. 

Tap on profile -

  • Tap your profile photo or initials: It is located in a circle at the top-right corner. Go there.

Tap medical id option -

  • Tap medical id option: After entering your profile, you will see the medical id bar present under the medical details header. Go to medical id to enter details.

Enter your medical details -

  • Enter your medical details: Enter all your medical information here. Add your medical allergies, blood group, reactions, diseases etc. 

Add emergency contacts -

  • Add emergency contacts: You can also add an emergency contact number. It can be your father, mother, brother or any guardian. This is for the first responder to call on a given emergency number if you are involved in any medical emergency. It will appear as “Emergency SOS” on your phone’s lock screen. Tap (+) to add any number or tap (-) if you want to remove any number.

Add a link to your Medical ID to your lock screen -

  • Add a link to your Medical ID to your lock screen: You can also add medical id details on your lock screen. If you enable the “show when locked” feature then the first responder will have access to all your personal details and medical information including emergency contact number without unlocking your phone. It will appear on the bottom left of the screen. Tap emergency then you have access to medical id. But this option isn’t necessary for you. It is optional for you.

Enable Medical ID sharing for Emergency SOS calls -

  • Enable Medical ID sharing for Emergency SOS calls: In this when you call any medical emergency department by using emergency SOS then your medical ID will share with them. To enable this option, turn on (green) the “Share During Emergency Call”. This option is also optional for you. Emergency SOS option is by default enabled. If you want to disable this option then go to your settings open Privacy > Location Services > System Services and close your emergency SOS option. 


For medical emergencies, your iPhone has an apple health app to save your medical details and information. This will help the first responder when you are in a medical emergency. There are many ways to operate a health app. To create your medical profile enter the summary tab in the health app then go to your health profile and enter your personal details like your name, date of birth, address or contact. Make sure your provided information is correct. You can also connect any other iOS app to apple health app. This will share your personal details and medical information to that app. Simply download this app from the health browser and download the compatible app. Set your medical ID, you save your personal medical details like height, weight, allergies, reaction, disease etc. on the medical ID bar in profile icon. You can also add an emergency number to call on your given number by using emergency SOS in medical emergencies.

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